The variety of Blue Franconian is widely spread in two wine-growing regions (Podravje, Posavje) and in five wine-growing districts (Štajerska Slovenija, Prekmurje, Bizeljsko-Sremiška, Dolenjska and Bela krajina). It is a variety that can deliver high-quality wine and is known to be the leader in quality among all red varieties in all listed districts. It is characterised by a high content of antioxidants, especially resveratrol. Resveratrol lowers the overall cholesterol level and increases the beneficial high lipoprotein density (HDL) that protects the heart. At the same time, it also prevents cancer; therefore, moderate consumption of Blue Franconian is particularly recommended.

Blue Franconian is an integral part of the Cviček wine which created a significant visibility in the Slovenian territory in the 90's and acquired the PTP label (recognized traditional denomination) in 2001. Moreover, the Blue Franconian represents an important part of the composition of the Metliška Črnina PTP and the Red Bizeljčan PTP wines. As a stand-alone wine, however, the Blue Franconian has exceptional potential for development and visibility, which is to some extent unused. Therefore, our wine festival is devoted to Blue Franconian.

Project objectives: 

- Increasing the extent, distribution and quality of the Blue Franconian wine production, and increasing the knowledge and quality of the cultivation of the Blue Franconian wine (Education of growers and promotion of increasing production quality);

- Increasing the visibility and use of the Blue Franconian wine in Posavje and beyond the borders of Posavje;

- Establishment of a sustainable local supply of local catering providers – to encourage the establishment of a system from the grower to the provider (promoting the use of Blue Franconian in the local, regional and also national cuisine and catering); 
- Increasing the visibility and attendance of the Blue Franconian Festival by producers and visitors as a reflection of the increased recognition and significance of the Blue Franconian wine (General promotion and raising awareness of the (especially curing) characteristics of the Blue Franconian wine at the local, regional and European levels, mainly through the Blue Franconian Festival).

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