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THE CONTENT OF AROMATIC AND POLYPHENOL COMPOUNDS OF BLACK FRANCONIAN IN CONNECTION WITH SENSORAL ASSESSMENT - analysis by the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia under the guidance of Dr. Klemen Lisjak, December 2017

The "missing link" 'Blaue Zimmettraube' reveals that 'Blauer Portugieser' and 'Blaufränkisch' originated in Lower Styria, avtorji: E. Maul, F. Röckel, R. Töpfer
(Julius Kühn-Institute (JKI), Institute for Grapevine Breeding Geilweilerhof, Siebeldingen, Germany, Vitis 55, 135–143 (2016))

How to optimally produce and evaluate the Blue Franconian in Posavje (author Dr. Julij Nemanič)

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The quality parameters of the wine of the Blue Franconian variety of the wine-growing region of Posavje (diploma thesis of the author Marko Škofca)

Maturing the wine of the Blue Franconian variety by micro-oxidation (diploma thesis of the author Uroš Jalovec)

Monitoring the de-acidification in the wine of the Blue Franconia (diploma thesis of the author Luka Novak)