The 11th Annual Blaufränkisch Wine - Results

The 11th Annual Blaufränkisch Wine Evaluation in Sevnica - Results


The Blaufränkisch wine evaluation will take place on Wednesday May 26, 2021, at Sevnica Castle. An eight-member judging panel will evaluate the samples of Blaufränkisch submitted at the designated locations by May 22. Read more about the submission of samples and the evaluation here.

The judging panel for the 11th Blaufränkisch Wine Evaluation will be composed of:

  • Robert Gorjak (president of the panel, international wine judge, founder of the Belvin Wine School, DipWSET, Slovenia)
  • Dr. Klemen Lisjak (Agricultural Institute of Slovenia)
  • Dr. Guillaume Antalick (Doctor of Enology, University of Nova Gorica, France/Slovenia)
  • Uroš Valcl (director and enologist of Marof Winery, Slovenia)
  • Ožbej Peterle (sommelier, dipWSET, Slovenia)
  • Bojan Kobal (enologist Kobal Wines, Slovenia)
  • François Button (Domaine Slapšak, Slovenia/France)
  • Grega Repovž (3rd level sommelier, Gostilna Repovž, Slovenia)
  • Jure Grubar (Director and oenologist of Krško Winery)
  • Andrej Bajuk (Head of the oenological laboratory of KGZS Zavod Novo mesto)


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