Posavje can boast of being one of the best Slovenian and even European areas of the Blaufränkisch; therefore, the Blaufränkisch from Posavje has full and rich taste, smell, colour and curing properties. The Blaufränkisch can, together with locally produced food, connect to rich wine-culinary stories.

The project "Blaufränkisch – the velvety wine of the Posavje region" (the acronym of the project: "Blaufränkisch") is the connection and upgrade of projects from previous periods, in particular the project "Blaufränkisch – the velvety wine of Posavje" which KŠTM Sevnica as the leading partner within the projects LAS Posavje implemented together with three partners in the period 2013–2014, the project "Tourism in vineyard cottages" the leading partner of which was CPT Krško and other projects. The results, effects and in particular the response of the professional public, winemakers, catering providers and the public were excellent and are the motivation for upgrading the activities.

At the end of 2016, international scientists – archaeologists of genetic records of forgotten vines – confirmed that the Blaufränkisch is an autochthonous variety of the Lower Styria (Posavje is part of this area), whereby the best red variety of continental Europe gained its origin and home and thus Slovenian producers of the Blaufränkisch wine gained an exceptional story and the basis for a business opportunity.

Project activities are based on experiences, established partnerships, cooperation and connections gained in previous partner projects. Therefore, project activities are clearly set and aimed at common goals. It is important to emphasise that also winegrowers, winemakers, caterers and companies, that cooperated in previous projects and give us great support, have expectations, although we could not invite them to the project as partners, but they will be affected by positive and sustainable project effects. The project is ready for implementation.
Project sustainability

The project consists of multi-layer, bottom-up activities, from individual growers, winegrowers, winemakers, caterers, craftsmen, and by connecting all of them, permanent synergy effects will be achieved. The effects of the project four years ago already show extremely beneficial effects, such as the increased recognition of the Blaufränkisch, increased demand for this wine, a significant increase of the Blaufränkisch in catering services in the region and beyond and established cooperation between winegrowers, winemakers and catering providers. Through the project, these synergistic effects will be significantly increased and shaped at a higher and wider level. The Blaufränkisch wine, together with locally produced food, will produce culinary products and a new tourist-recognised product of Posavje that will permanently attract guests to the region.

Activities already implemented are:

Certain parts of activities, such as communication and interconnection between individual producers and providers, have been implemented to a lesser extent since the end of the previous project as a sustainability of the previous project "Blaufränkisch – the velvety wine of Posavje". Similarly, the Festival of Blaufränkisch is held annually and informs the public, but these are very limited activities that, in the event of a successful bid for the resources of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, will be able to achieve significantly greater extent and the required scope of activities.

Project description:

The project sets a solid foundation and bases for the establishment of a business model that will connect producers of the Blaufränkisch in Posavje, which will provide the basic condition for the establishment of a recognisable brand of the Blaufränkisch wine from Posavje, which will, together with the regionally distinctive dishes of Posavje, become a recognisable Slovenian culinary–tourist product. Through workshops, education, promotional activities and public events, the project will connect the Blaufränkisch wine producers, winemakers, catering and other tourism providers, thus establishing a sustainable system of using local wine and food production through short chains from manufacturers to consumers.

Project objectives:

•    Develop a model of connecting producers of Blaufränkisch with the goal of developing a formal form of cooperation;

•    By actively promoting the Blaufränkisch wine and regional cuisine, promote the development of the culinary story of Posavje as a catering–tourist product;
•    Establish an active cross-sectoral connection between winemakers, food producers, catering providers, craftsmen and public and private tourism sectors;
•    Increase the scope and quality of the Blaufränkisch wine production and increase the use and ways of using it in the regional cuisine;
•    Develop the culinary story of Posavje, recognised in the region and especially outside the Posavje region;
•    Develop marketing strategy for Blaufränkisch;
•    Raise the visibility of the Blaufränkisch wine and regional cuisine to a catering–tourist product;
•    Increase the added value of the Blaufränkisch wine and regional food production, thus stimulating new jobs or maintaining employment opportunities in the region.  

The effects of the project are sustainable, and its results and effects are also transferable to other areas. The innovation of the project is to connect the existing culinary specialities of the region to a new culinary story that will represent an internationally recognised tourist product.  


Strategy for the marketing of the Blaufränkisch wine

Project partners:

"The Blaufränkisch wine becomes a recognisable culinary–gastronomic product of Posavje, and in terms of its quality and distribution, one of the recognisable centres of the Blaufränkisch in Europe."

Project partners:

1. Javni zavod za kulturo, šport, turizem in mladinske dejavnosti Sevnica (holder of the project)

2. Kmečka zadruga Sevnica, z.o.o. (KZ Sevnica)

3. Center za podjetništvo in turizem Krško (CPT Krško)

4. Zavod za podjetništvo, turizem in mladino Brežice (ZPTM Brežice)

The project "Blaufränkisch – the velvety wine of the Posavje region" is co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas. KŠTM Sevnica is responsible for the content. The managing authority designated for the implementation of the Rural Development Programme of the Republic of Slovenia for the period 2014–2020 is the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food.