REPOVŽ inn with overnight accommodation

With centuries of tradition, the greatness of simplicity, the richness of the countryside intertwining with organic production, we create genuine flavours that satisfy the most demanding taste buds. We try to produce most of the raw materials in the home garden and thus create a complete culinary journey that even the most demanding gourmet will enjoy.

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There, where the vine grows and a wonderful view opens up, where lovers of domestic food and more demanding and modern culinary delights finds refuge every day of the week, where delicious salami and sausages are cut and an apple cake from Sevnica voščenka apples is baked, where the name Martin is especially respected – there, in Vrh pri Boštanju, Dolinšek inn is located.

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Senica inn

Our culinary offer includes: daily fresh snacks and lunches, a rich selection of dishes from the menu and pizzas which you can also make up yourself. We offer group orders on different occasions. We will offer you a wide selection of Mexican cuisine, roasted dishes and barbecues, farm feasts, various fish and game specialities and baked dishes.

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Grobelnik Tourist Farm

We are a tourist farm with rooms, arranged in the categorisation of 4 apples. We offer tastings of our own wines, grape juices and liqueurs from Blue Franconian and local dishes such as štruklji, žganci, ripened bovine steak of grazing cattle, pork leg from domestic and local production. We enrich your visit with a tour of the historical features of our house and house collection. Possibility to p

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Šempeter inn

Šempeter inn with its offer of Slovenian and local food helps to promote the visibility of Slovenian cuisine. As a sign of quality and hospitality, we acquired the right to use the brand name Gostilna Slovenija. Šempeter inn develops Obsotelje and Kozjansko cuisine. Our house speciality are delicious capons.

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