Blue Franconian in cuisine

Blue Franconian is the right choice for lovers of lighter red wines. It is distinguished by fresh fruit aroma; therefore, it goes perfectly with:

  • dishes with red meat,

  • lamb,

  • pasta,

  • grilled dishes,

  • stews.

15 interesting facts about wine

  • The oldest bottle of wine is from 325 AD and was found in Germany in a Roman sarcophagus. It is exhibited in the History Museum in Speyer.

  • It is best to serve wine in a glass with a slightly curved edge, which helps to keep as much aroma as possible in the glass.

  • Before wine tasting, tasters rotate the wine in the glass in order to unleash all its aromas. They usually fill the glass only up to one third so that aromas do not escape from it.

  • It is not recommended to store wine in the kitchen, since it is usually too warm there. The refrigerator, too, is not the most suitable space, because it is too cold.

  • When wine is consumed with food, both tastes intertwine in a completely new story; therefore, it is very important which wine is chosen as a companion for individual dishes.

  • The wrong belief is that all wines are suitable for ageing. In fact, it is exactly the opposite and only some selected fillings have adequate potential for ageing.

  • Approximately 720 bottles of wine are produced from one tone of grapes.

  • The vine is intensively influenced by the climate, location and soil; therefore, different vineyards of the same wine variety have their own peculiarities.

  • Red wines lose their colour over the years and become more and more bright red, while in white wines the opposite is true.

  • The oldest illustration of wine drinking is 5000 years old and appears on a Sumerian fresco.

  • Newly planted vines need about four to five years before they are suitable for the first harvest.

  • Red wine represents 55 % of all sold wines in restaurants around the world.

  • Temperatures have a significant impact on vines and the quality of grapes; therefore, harvests differ considerably from one another.

  • In ancient Rome, women were forbidden to drink wine and the most severe punishment was death.

  • Red wine has more antioxidant characteristics due to the presence of resveratol than white wine.